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No Insurance? No Problem! Our SMILE Program is Affordable Dental Care for the Entire Family!

Caring for our patient’s well-being is who we are and the heart of everything we do. Bringing affordable dental care to our patient community is critical to our practice and is oftentimes the deciding factor for whether or not a patient has a procedure performed. Everyone knows a smile leaves a good impression on those you meet. Preserving that smile for a lifetime means on-going dental hygiene and sometimes treatment to restore your smile. Unfortunately, like everything else, the cost of protecting your smile is becoming more and more expensive.

We, at Dr. Sims Dentistry developed our Smile Affordable Dental Program to help. Our unique Smile Program provides affordable dental care for the entire family. Dr. Sims and his team are dedicated to high quality, state of the art dental care; and with our Smile Program membership it can all be affordable.

The SMILE Program gave me no reason NOT to go to the dentist…


1. Ask the appointment coordinator how the program works.
2. Pay $198.00 to join the Dr. Sims’ SMILE Program.
3. Make your first appointment.


  • Dental Cleaning and Comprehensive Oral Examination ($110)
  • (2) Digital X-Rays (2 x $100)
  • (1) 3-Scan ($150)
  • 10% Off ALL Dental Procedures for 12 Months

Step One:

The doctor will do a thorough examination and evaluate your dental health. If any additional treatment is needed, the doctor will thoroughly explain the treatment plan, how long it will take and the total fee to you as a privileged member of  Dr. Sims’  Smile Program.

Step Two:

Any dental treatment will proceed according to your individualized plan and your budget. The objective is to treat your teeth and gums and restore your smile.

Step Three:

Dr. Sims’ Smile Program is specifically designed for you to keep smiling. Maintaining a healthy smile will require you to return at regular intervals every 3, 4 or 6 months depending on the conditions of your gums.

Become a Member of Dr. Sims SMILE Program

Investment One Year


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