$299 BOOST in-office 1 hour whitening with custom trays and 2 touch up gel syringes.

The Opalescence Boost tooth whitening consultation and procedure involves just a few short office visits.


1. We will take “before” pictures and record the shade of your teeth.

2. The tooth whitening process varies from person to person. We will discuss your whitening goals with you, and let you know what you can expect from an Opalescence Boost treatment, including approximately how many visits it will take to achieve your desired tooth shade. It is recommended that you supplement the in-office treatment with take home custom or disposable trays.

3. We will explain the treatment procedure and the amount of time to plan on being in the office.
Whitening Treatment(s):

1. Brush and floss teeth prior to your appointment.
2. Moisturize your lips prior to treatment.
3. Suggestion: Bring an iPod or something to listen to during your treatment.
4. If you are concerned about sensitivity, please discuss this with us. That way we can advise ways to reduce potential sensitivity, including the use of UltraEZ desensitizing gel, which can help to prevent post-whitening discomfort.


1. We will evaluate your progress.
2. If you have met your goals, we will take an “after” picture and record the shade of your teeth.

Opalescence Boost Post-Treatment Care Instructions

Your teeth will continue to whiten for 24-48 hours after your treatment. During this time, avoid foods and beverages that could re-stain your teeth (dark foods and liquids that would stain a white shirt will also stain your teeth).

These include:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Dark sodas
  • Red wine
  • Tobacco
  • Red sauces
  • Soy sauce
  • Dark berries

Avoid de-sensitizing products that contain stannous fluoride (Gel-Kam®, Omnii Gel™, PerioMed™, Plak Smackers®, Gingi Med™
and FluoriSHIELD®) for about two weeks. These can cause dark stains on your teeth.

Avoid smoking during and immediately after whitening treatments. Nicotine leaves brown deposits, which are difficult to remove.

Your ideal whitening shade may not be apparent after just one in-office treatment. It may take several sessions of take home whitening to reach your optimum shade. In-office whitening treatments typically only cover the front 6-10 teeth. If you have a wide smile and show more than these front teeth, you may need to use additional at-home whitening treatments to ensure that all your teeth are the same shade.

Touch-up treatments (in-office or custom trays) can be done every 6-12 months. Our price includes the BOOST in-office 1 hour whitening treatment with custom trays and 2 touch up gel syringes.

You may have sensitive white spots on your gums immediately after your in-office whitening treatment. These are temporary and should disappear after 20-30 minutes. If you experience painful burning on your gums while using the take home trays, you may spread a thin amount of petroleum jelly (Vaseline®) on your gums before you insert your trays.

It is important to continue brushing and flossing to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Use a soft bristle toothbrush and gentle pressure when brushing. Avoid “snapping” the floss on your gums; use a seesaw motion to ease the floss between your teeth. Continue with regular check-ups and cleanings.


Teeth Whitening Take-home System $139 Opalescence Whitening Gel (Custom trays with 4 whitening gel syringes)

The Opalescence tooth whitening procedure involves three short office visits,
approximately one week apart.

Visit #1:

1. We will take “before” pictures and record the shade of your teeth.
2. The tooth whitening process varies from person to person. We will discuss your whitening goals with you, and provide a reasonable time frame and realistic expectations.
3. We will take impressions of your teeth, and make your custom whitening trays.

Visit #2:

1. You will receive your custom whitening trays and Opalescence tooth whitening gel.
2. You will be instructed on loading your trays, wear times, and cleaning.
3. If you are concerned about sensitivity, please discuss this with your dentist or hygienist. They can advise you on ways to reduce potential sensitivity, including the use of UltraEZ desensitizing gel, which you can load into your custom whitening tray to prevent post-whitening discomfort.

Visit #3:

1. We will evaluate your progress.
2. If you have met your goals, we will take an “after” picture and record the shade of your teeth.

Treatment Instructions:

Wear trays for 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the strength, once a day, and follow the instructions below.

1. Brush and floss your teeth.
2 Express one continuous bead of gel into the front inner wall of the tray from molar to molar, about halfway from the biting edge. Use no more than 1/3 – 1/2 of a syringe per arch. Do not overfill the tray.
3. Place tray in mouth and bite down to position on teeth.
4. Remove all excess gel from gums with a clean finger or soft toothbrush.
5. Leave trays in place for recommended time.
6. When treatment is complete, remove trays and brush teeth.
7. Clean tray with a soft toothbrush and cool tap water. Store tray in the provided case.


  • Use Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste for regular oral hygiene and before using your whitening trays.
  • Avoid coffee, dark soft drinks, red wine, tobacco, and other foods and drinks which can stain your teeth during the course of your treatment.
  • Keep your whitening gel refrigerated.
  • Avoid acidic foods and juices high in citric acid during treatment, as these may cause sensitivity to your teeth.
  • Call or office with any questions.


  • Do not eat while wearing your whitening trays.
  • Do not wear trays longer than recommended by your dentist.
  • Do not continue treatment if you experience severe sensitivity.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating.
  • Do not swallow gel or rinsed gel.
  • Do not let small children handle product.

If you experience sensitivity:

Some patients experience sensitivity or discomfort that usually goes away 1-3 days after treatment. If you experience tooth sensitivity, try one of the following:

  • Replace your regular toothpaste with Sensodyne toothpaste.
  • Decrease the treatment time.
  • Bleach every other day or every three days.
  • Decrease the amount of gel in your tray.
  • Ask your dentist for UltraEZ desensitizing gel to place in your trays before or after treatment.
  • Call our office if you experience severe sensitivity.


Pre-Loaded Whitening Tray System

$49 Tres (Whitening strips)

Product must be refrigerated. Before using, allow product to warm to room temperature. This will make it easier for the tray to adhere to the teeth.

Remove from package.

Center tray on arch.

Gently suck down on the tray.
Patient Instructions:

Remove outer tray.

Lightly tap tray if necessary.

Wear for 30-60 minutes per day. When finished remove bleaching tray and brush teeth.


1. Keep tooth bleaching product away from small children.

2. A dental examination is recommended prior to bleaching.

Some discolorations may indicate the need for dental treatment other than bleaching. Porcelain crowns, veneers, and white fillings do not lighten upon bleaching.

3. Only intended for use by those with healthy gum tissue. Gum tissue irritation may result if used in individuals with periodontal disease.

4. This product is NOT for nighttime use.

5. Occasionally, some parts of teeth may bleach faster or less evenly than others. Results may be varied. In approximately 5% of the population, teeth may be resistant to bleaching. Bleaching teeth with large metal fillings may cause the metal color to show through the teeth.

6. Acidic foods/juices may cause sensitivity if consumed shortly after bleaching.

7. Do not use tobacco products or eat while bleaching.

8. Not intended for use by pregnant women. Consult a health care
practitioner if you are breastfeeding.

9. Keep gel out of heat/sunlight. Do not freeze.

10. Do not swallow gel or rinses. Avoid direct contact of the active surface of the tooth whitening product with the gums and/or salivary flow. Product contains peroxide and may contain fluoride; swallowing large amounts can be harmful.


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