Tooth Colored Filling/Inlay

Tooth Colored Filling/Inlay

Silver amalgam fillings can make teeth appear dark and dull. With Composite fillings (Tooth Colored) we are able to provide treatment that is more cosmetically appealing.

Porcelain inlays provide an extremely strong, long-lasting replacement and alternative to these procedures. Inlays are able to restore and protect the tooth against further fracture or damage without discoloration or need for a full crown. Despite the hardness of the teeth, the enamel can break down over time and lead to tooth decay. The cause of tooth decay has to do with bacteria residing in the plaque of the teeth causing simple sugars to form. The aftermath of simple sugars is acid that breaks down the enamel, which is the result of tooth decay.

The decaying of teeth can lead to cavities, which is oftentimes considered painful or uncomfortable for an individual. At Dr. Sims Dentistry, we incorporate the latest in dental treatments in order to employ the best procedure that will not only decrease discomfort, but also provide a more aesthetically pleasing solution.

Fillings or inlays are used to repair the damage caused by tooth decay and cavities. Originally, silver amalgam fillings were used, but with more advanced technology in dentistry, patients who are interested in fillings or inlays are able to receive treatment that is more cosmetically appealing.


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