After Periodontal Surgery (Deep Cleaning)

After Periodontal Treatment (Deep Cleaning)

For The First 24 Hours

  • Eat only soft food.
    Avoid any hard or spicy food which could cause irritation.
    Drink plenty of water during the first 24 hours; at least 8 glasses are recommended.
    Refrain from smoking at least 24 hours after treatment was received. Tobacco smoke is an irritant and will cause gum irritation.


Swelling or jaw stiffness rarely occurs in most patients but if it does here are steps to follow.
Use an ice pack (frozen peas work really well) on the cheek or face next to the site. Keep it on for 15 minutes, then off for 15 minutes and repeat until you go to sleep.
Sleep with your head elevated slightly, above the heart. This will keep swelling down.


On the morning after treatment, rinse mouth with warm salt water (1/2 teaspoon of salt to 8oz glass of warm water). Repeat this several times daily. This will help eliminate any irritation you may be feeling.


Brush teeth gently to help remove plaque that has started to form. We suggest using tartar control toothpaste.


Continue flossing this will prevent periodontal disease to recur.


For pain or discomfort you may take over the counter pain medication.

Because it is very common for periodontal disease to recur, patients should have regular check-ups and maintenance visits to monitor progress and prevent recurrence.